1. Installation & working Environment

1.1 Summary

This software suits to manage a small internet area for security surveillance.

This software bases on Windows, and can running on PC.

CMS can browse realtime video of multiple cameras.

CMS can browse video playback of multiple cameras.

CMS can set multiple timing broadcasting, and realize the computer on duty.

CMS can set E-map, then know the location of every CCTV products.

CMS can set the alarm of the internet video surveillance, then realize the alarm linkage between the management software and CCTV products.

CMS has the function of video automatic backup, and mainly use for the none HDD background date backup, such as IP camera.

CMS can make surveillance plan for each device, each window, and each channel.


1. 2 CMS Working Environment


Windows2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 10


Above 2.4 GHZ


Must support hardware graphic card (e.g. ATI?TNT2 PRO), suggest use  the dual channel graphics of ATI9800 or more then 128M.



1G or above


Recommend 1024*768 display resolution



Prompt:If the software need to manage many channels, then the memory, graphics card, and CPU need better configuration.